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Orlando being one of the biggest tourist destinations in the US offers great investment opportunities in property. With a great rush of tourists flocking in all round the year, investment in apartments and vacation homes translates to fine returns. Apart from obtaining guaranteed accommodation, such investment leads to a regular source of money flow. Once you own a vacation home, you either have the option of renting out for short periods or long ones. With vacation rentals of the first type, your return on investment comes mostly from the increase in value of your property, in addition to the increase in equity resulting from more of your mortgage payment each year being applied to principal, rather than interest. For those who do not want to spend time at their property themselves, one of the best methods to be an active real estate investor is to own long term rental property. With this type of property, you are not bound to being in an area zoned for short term rentals, so you can buy anywhere. However, several areas are much preferred than others and therefore a purchase must be made after considerable research or professional succor.

Rentals are usually for a lease term of about 12 months and the tenants provide their own furniture, pay all the utilities and you can also have them do their own lawn care. You would in this case, of course, have no cleaning fees. The income from long term rental is usually less when compared to short term rental, but the monthly rental is guaranteed, because the tenant is on a lease. This type of investment is ideal for people who are looking more towards capital appreciation, rather than cash inflow. Long term rental is also good as a temporary measure, for those who want to buy property now with a view to perhaps, spending more time in it themselves later.

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