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It's important to know what type of tenants you are looking to attract and so any potential investment property will need to be close to the amenities required by the tenants. An ideal solution for many investment property owners may be to reinvest the proceeds from the sale of their property and utilize a subsequent 1031 exchange into a tenancy-in-common (TIC) ownership type, also known as co-ownership of real estate (CORE) interest in a suitable replacement property. This will determine both the type of tenant you get and also how easy your investment property will be to rent out.

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One of the most important aspects of buying a property in Greece and living there is finance, which includes everything from transferring and changing money to mortgages and taxes. Finding the correct loan and the Institute from which to borrow is crucial to your property buying success. If you are considering buying property in Greece, it is probably safe to say that you have visited the country and love it.

There are four main factors that indicate whether or not a rental property is a good deal: the income it produces, the location, the available financing and the fair market value of the property relative to the purchase price. Looking for a new rental property can be a daunting task; chances are good that if you are searching for a property online you may be looking to move to a new area of the country for work or family reasons. So many advantages are available to those who are working as a landlord on rental property in the form of the rental property tax deduction.

If you are considering buying property in Spain, it is probably safe to say that you have visited the country and love it. But buying a property in this country is a complex and sometimes frustrating undertaking.

In 2007 the Bulgarian national bank are offering all Bulgarian people for the first time in their history the right to apply for mortgages which will also make a significant impact on the Bulgarian Property Market with millions of people wanting to suddenly buy property. In point of fact, some people are able to make good money through the process of making the purchase of a Bulgarian property and then reselling the property after the passage of a reasonable period of time.

You want to know the overseas property market you are buying has a track record of solid gains and low downside risk. It's for each investor to decide how much risk they want to take in their overseas property investments - A proven market with solid gains and an emerging market with higher risk reward. Don't buy overseas property investments on the basis that the market will take off - buy in a market that's already moving.

Cashing in on this and perhaps in an effort to cool the market, builders are charging a fee of up to 7% each time a property is transferred and lending institutions are trying to keep some control on the market by agreeing to finance only the original sale price. Marc Todd of Dosop, an international property company based in West London, raises the concern that some of overdevelopment in the big resorts such as Sunny Beach and suggests that there is a large supply of less desirable properties coming on the market. With real estate as out of the ordinary as this, it's not difficult to see why Dubai's property market is attracting such large-scale international interest.

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