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Florida - Best for holidays or holiday homes

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Florida is perhaps one of the most famous states in the USA and is a favourite holiday destination among American residents and foreign tourists alike. Named after the Spanish 'feast of flowers', Florida stretches more than 400 miles from its state border with Georgia to the Florida Keys - the southern-most point of the States.

Known as the 'Sunshine State', Florida enjoys subtropical climates all year-round and could well have been designed with pleasure and open-air pastimes in mind. Florida is a paradise of beautiful scenery, sunsets and locations, and is considered as the number one holiday destination in the world, hosting in excess of 50 million international visitors every year. With such attractions as the Walt Disney World resort, Kennedy Space Centre, Epcot Centre, MGM Studios, Sea World and Universal Studios famously located within the state, and with new attractions being built all the time, Florida offers holidaymakers an abundance of activities and attractions to offer a truly memorable holiday

However, Florida isn't just about holidays, as many people also look to Florida as an ideal location for a second home. In fact, six of the USA's top performing real estate markets can be found in Florida, which has over 16 million inhabitants and boasts a growth rate of some 250,000 new residents each year. Buying a property overseas has proved to be an excellent long term investment and although the 1990s recession caused a number of areas to be badly affected, the Florida property market remained buoyant and was virtually untouched in comparison to other markets.

Overseas buyers looking to rent out their Florida property will encounter little difficulty in successfully letting their property due to the immense popularity of the region. Florida has few competitors as a location for overseas property purchase due to the superb value for money such an investment represents. Add that to the fabulous climate and an incomparable choice of affordable leisure and sports activities as well as a multitude of family attractions state-wide and there is little doubt that investing in a Florida property is a sensible and popular move.

From centrally-placed Kissimmee and Orlando to Tampa and Miami in the south and Tallahassee and Jacksonville in the north, prospective property buyers in Florida are certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a suitable location to invest in. Furthermore, help is at hand for prospective investors looking for a way to finance their dream Florida property, with mortgage brokers such as Capquest LLC and similar companies waiting in the wings to offer a wide variety of top-rated products, which can help alleviate the financial strains associated with buying a second property and ultimately secure the best loan package available.

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